In the Web of Life

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. “ –Rumi


Here are a bunch of documentaries that are worth watching.

500 Nations (5 disks)  (thorough history of the indigenous people of this continent)

After the Collapse (peak oil, collapse of our economy)

Avatar (the struggle by indigenous population to save  their land, their resources & their lives from the corporate/military machine)

Blue Gold (water wars)

Capitalism, a Love Story  (our cultural marriage to capitalism that has destroyed our democracy and the American dream)  **

Coal Country (what has happened and who is responsible and what people are trying to do about coal)

Crude Impact  (peak oil)

Escape from Suburbia  (peak oil)

Food Inc  (Big Food is not telling us the real story)  **

Frontline: sick around the world  (people around the world with  access to single payer universal health care systems)

Iraq for Sale  (those pesky contractors)

King Corn (industrial food)

Matrix (struggle to learn  the truth and become free, 1999)

Money as Debt; Money as Debt II

Occupation 101  (clear explanation of the siege on Palestine by Zionists)

Ralph Nader, an Unreasonable Man  (He’s my hero)

Rethinking Afghanistan  (the sobering facts about why we should leave that country alone)  **

Supersize Me  (how one man’s health was  adversely affected by eating McDonalds high fat, high calorie junk food)

The End of Suburbia  (about peak oil and what it means to people living in suburbs)

The Ground Truth  (Iraq as told by soldiers)

What a Way to Go  (peak oil)  **

Where in the World is Osama bin Laden  (from the same director as Supersize Me; watch it for the MC Hammer dance tune) **

Why We Fight  (military/industrial/congressional complex)


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