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Avoid at all Costs – BPA, BPF, BPS plastics

Yet another reason to avoid plastics. (You are aware, aren’t you, that all canned and many boxed wet food are in containers lined with BP plastic.) This article posted on details the risks, some pertinent supporting details, and some minor things you can do to mitigate the affects of the toxins.


“Companies use your ignorance on BPS and BPF to advertise plastics as BPA free. But what they don’t tell you is that BPF and BPS is far worse than the infamous BPA…Studies have shown the following risks to those who use BPA or items that have been contaminated with BPA:

Increased risk of breast carcinoma

Increased risk of prostate carcinoma

Increased risk of obesity

Increased risk of diabetes mellitus type 2

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

Increased risk of autoimmune diseases

Increased risk of asthma

Exposure associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Exposure associated with Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorders (ADHD)

Adverse effects of prenatal exposure for the brain

Adverse effects of prenatal exposure for behavior

Adverse effects for prenatal exposure on immune function

Association with male sexual dysfunction – See more at:


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