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“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. “ –Rumi

An system based cheap meat, cruel treatment of animals, low pay and unsafe working conditions

Safety of the workers and of the food you eat have never been a priority. If you were so disgusted after reading this article that you refused to buy cheap pork ever again, that would be a good thing. What if millions of people reacted the same way. We were never intended to eat food prepared with this much focus on profit over safety and humane treatment. Never.

The speed of pork production is not only affecting the health and safety of workers on the line; now lines are moving so fast that the safety of consumers is being placed at risk. Inspectors have discovered pig carcasses with lesions from tuberculosis, septic arthritis (with bloody fluid pouring from joints) and smears from faecal matter and intestinal contents. But the plants were never shut down. The chain never stopped. The US Department of Agriculture’s inspector general warned that these “recurring, severe violations may jeopardise public health” but concluded that because they do not face substantial consequences for repeated food safety violations, “the plants have little incentive to improve their slaughter processes”.

Despite the report, the agriculture department is not only advocating continuing a self-inspection pilot project, but now is proceeding along a path towards implementing it across the US.

‘I felt like a piece of trash’ – Life inside America’s food processing plants


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