In the Web of Life

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. “ –Rumi

Suicide By Biocides

A more subtle point to be made here is that each of us needs to prepare for the fact that the people in authority, even when confronted with compelling and obvious data, will choose to put profits over life and favor doing nothing over something. by Chris Martenson

I especially like his point that these poisons don’t just kill “pests”. They kill life. Corporate farms have chosen to take human hands out of the equation and use giant machines and poisons to make their profit. I wish they would stop it. But I have my own guilt. Until we all own up to our part in this, we cannot point fingers unless we help each other break free of the slavery of the Matrix. It’s not just for profit. Each one of us holds on to this culture and its perks and plug our ears and look the other way and continue with our life.
Suicide By Pesticide What the honey bee die-off means for humanity


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