In the Web of Life

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. “ –Rumi

War, racism and the American nightmare

Racism is the current topic brought about the the murder of 9 people in Charleston by a young white male racist. South Caroline flies the Confederate Flag which is a symbol of the Civil War. But really it is the symbol of festering racism that is rampant in the South and just below the surface in the North. This hatred is kept alive by the tolerance by the American people of the Confederate flag and nigger-hating whites in media. This mass murder is what happens when we ignore evil in our midst.

Back to slavery and the civil war–I believe the civil war was fought for economic reasons-money was at the root–manufacturing vs. agriculture. Just like today, the public reason for the war was a grand justice cause–ending slavery. Today wars are fought to bring justice and spread democracy (what a joke). Really. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately the culture of slavery was (and still is) worldwide–the exploitation of human resources to grow wealth causing misery, suffering and death. Just like today, everyone benefitted from the devastation and injustice of taking what belongs to all–the gifts of the earth and life to pursue a dream of convenience and entitlement.

Everyone must own up to their part in this selfish exploitation. The Western culture’s unbridled consumption has depleted the world’s resources, caused climate change and NTHE, and unleashed a torrent of human suffering and death. Wars are fought for the precious resources that make batteries, cell phones, and fuel the system. And for what? So we can be happy? No, not really. That is only a fleeting reward for participating in this system. It’s to funnel the wealth up to the .1%. It was their plan all along.

Americans should wake up and see that the American dream, the ultimate Western culture scenario, is truly a nightmare for the rest of humanity and life on the planet. Just what kind of future will your children and grandchildren get? Money will not buy what we are losing.


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