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“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. “ –Rumi

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ENOUGHNESS: Restoring Balance to the Economy

Western world view (individual, fearful, competition) vs. Indigenous (in balance with the whole, community)

The Seventh Generation Rises!

We need everybody. Not one person can do it alone. I can’t do it alone. The elders can’t do it alone. They need young people to get on board. And we need our voices to come together as one. ~ Inez Jasper

24:26 Rebel Music: Native America

Capitalism is just a story

the lie we live

“We are the writers…this is our story.”
8:28 min video

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

Incredible Edible Public Park Helps to Feed 200,000 People Every Month

Inspirational food growing park for any community seeking to educate people on how to grow food and to meet the needs of people who are food insecure. 8:29 video by John Vibes.

Get out of the empire box: Winona LaDuke at Powershift

“We are from here… I am a patriot to a land…we have the opportunity to stop the planet from oblivion…we are the people who can stop them from genetically engineering the food supply…if we do not fight we have no shot at winning…in the end we have to deal with systemic issues of a predator society…In our community we have some teachings…
The Creator’s law is the highest law.
We are all related…99.9% the same. Our relatives have fins, roots, paws, hooks, wings.
Things that are natural are cyclical.
In each deliberation we consider the impact to the 7th generation from now.

You can have an entire world view that is not based on empire.”~ Winona LaDuke

15 Ancient House Designs That You Can Build Really Cheap or Free

“How would your life change if you never had to pay rent or interest on a mortgage again? I bet it would take a significant weight off your shoulders. It sure would for me.
You’re not alone, in fact today most people in “civilized” parts of the world don’t own their homes but are indebted to banks or rent from a landlord. But it has not always been this way, as Henry David Thoreau so truthfully writes in his book Walden.

Is this the best humanity can do? Is it impossible to imagine a future where humans, just as other animals, own their shelter free and clear and don’t have to pay a “tax” their whole lives just to stay protected from the elements?” ~ Owen Geiger

article by Owen Geiger, Natural Building Blog

We are built to be kind

Apparently upper class people have a compassion deficit. Fascinating study.
4:36 video

Take a street and build a community

“Shani Graham helped lead a sustainable-living revolution that ultimately resulted in strong neighbourly relationships, the fences pulled down and the establishment of a street festival. In this talk, she explains how it happened.”