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Monthly Timetable for your garden

This is one of most useful guides to prepare for gardening–what to do when.


Homemade Garlic-Mint Garden Insect Spray

DIY Homemade Garlic-Mint Garden Insect Spray

(adapted from Keeper of the Home)

2 whole heads garlic, cloves separated and peeled
3 c. mint leaves (and stems, too – I just throw it all in now)
2 tsp. dry cayenne pepper
2 small squirts of biodegradable dishwashing liquid
Add the garlic and mint to a food processor and pulse for a few seconds.
Transfer mixture to a large pot and add the cayenne and 12c. water.
Bring to a boil; remove from heat and let sit overnight.
Strain into a couple spray bottles (or gallon garden sprayer) and add the two small squirts of dish soap.
To Use:
– shake well before each use
– this mainly repels bugs, though if they rub against it, it can kill them.
– spray all the leaves on affected plants, including the undersides – preferably on a cloudy day so as not to burn the plants.
– wait a few days to see the affect and then apply more if needed (many times I’ve only needed to do one application)


Radical Mycology’s Mushroom Cultivation for Remediation

Part 2 8:47

Part 3 11:34

Why Gardening Makes You Happy and Cures Depression

So THIS is why I love to garden–
“Getting down and dirty is the best ‘upper’ – Serotonin….
Harvest ‘High’ – Dopamine”

I have often remarked on the great joy I feel when I forage in the garden, especially when I discover and harvest the ‘first of the season’, the first luscious strawberry to ripen or emergence of the first tender asparagus shoot. (and yes, the photo is my hand plucking a deliciously sweet strawberry in my garden) I have also often wondered why I had a degree of inherent immunity to the retail-therapy urges that afflict some of my friends and acquaintances. Maybe as a long-term gardener I’ve been getting a constant base-load dopamine high which has reduced the need to seek other ways to appease this primal instinct.” ~ Robyn Francis, author, More

22 Amazing uses of Epsom salt

Epsom salts have been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years. They have a number of different beneficial properties and are used in gardening, household cleaning, and detoxifying the body. These salts are very inexpensive and can be purchased at bulk discounts in garden centers nearly everywhere. Using Epsom salt baths is an advanced detoxification strategy that has remarkable health benefits.

Epsom salt is made up of magnesium and sulfate, which can help improve health in numerous ways. A lack of magnesium—which helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body—can contribute to high blood pressure, hyperactivity, heart problems and other health issues, doctors warn. Sulfate is essential for many biological processes, helping to flush toxins and helping form proteins in joints, brain tissue and mucin proteins.

22 Amazing uses of Epsom salt

Gardening Hacks – 10 Simple Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden

5:17 min

Organic Fertilizers

I’m looking forward to trying some of these organic fertilizers in my garden.

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds: Organic Alfalfa Meal–organic fertilizer for your garden