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The Organic Effect

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Published on Sep 8, 2012
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5 more reasons to stop eating white flour food products

Well, alrighty then. Consumer beware.


5 Secrets About White Flour That will Shock You

No more junk food creating inputs for the medical pharmaceutical complex

How to Save Money on Organic Food

Why is Organic food so Expensive! (hint: It’s not.)
We get a ton of comments from people that are always asking “Why is Organic food so expensive!”. That’s a tough question to answer for a lot of reasons, particularly because expensive is such a relative term. My personal thoughts on the matter are that organic food is no more expensive than it’s always been– if you look at it from the standpoint of a percentage of household income. Around 60-70 years ago, we spend a much larger percent of our money on food than we do now.

And the main reason is that junk food is really cheap. Food manufacturers figured out that if they switched out ‘real food’ and replaced it with ingredients like fillers, artificial color and artificial flavors, costs went way down. And people didn’t care! They kept buying it. As a matter of fact, the companies with the cheapest food-like products started selling more than companies with ‘real food’.

Whether you agree with that line of reasoning or not, the fact remains that Junk Food is cheaper than Organic.How to Save Money on Organic Food

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