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“The lamps are different, but the light is the same. “ –Rumi

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Lake Superior

Meals in Mason jars

What I like best about this is the mason jars. I’ve been reading to avoid plastic containers…

10 Mason Jar Meals Perfect For Taking To Work


Fruit and Veg Storage Chart

Fruit And Veg Storage Chart For Improved Shelf Life

Source: Off the Grid Info

Simplify Your Life

Simplify your life and you will find yourself living a happier, healthier life. You will have time to do the things that you actually want to do. You won’t have to work as much because you won’t need as much money. You won’t have to clean as much because you won’t have stuff to clean. Spend your time living, loving, eating, learning, exploring, breathing, exercising, and being outside. Spend your time with friends and family. Spend your time helping others and helping create a better world. Spend your time living out your dreams. Do what you really want to do. Do it for yourself and do it for the people around you and the earth that you live on. You only live this life once so make it the life you want. ~ Rob Greenfield

Source: Rob Greenfield’s blog

Casting of Outlander


Shipping Container Home in Redwoods

This is so cool.

Advice from a tree

Thimerosal: Let the science speak

– Interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr about his book about thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative in vaccines.
– His concern is the use of mercury in the vaccine pipeline
– The federal government mandates the use of vaccines
– the number of vaccines in the array has grown dramatically because it is a very profitable business
– The federal government has granted immunity to vaccine manufacturers
– When the vaccine schedule changed, the incidence of children’s neurological diseases skyrocked
– We do not have regulation and integrity in the system. CDC is corrupt.
– Vaccine industry insiders are pursuing billion dollar profits.
– This is all about conflict of interest and making money.

The women I identify with…

4:07 min

Dundun dance flash mob – Melbourne Djembe